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Aluminium Chakra Bracelet.


Each bracelet has 2 positive affirmations, the sanskrit word for the chakra and finally the sound vibration associated with the chakra.


Feel the positive vibrations from the impressed words and bring balance and harmony to Self.


Available bracelets are:


Root Chakra - Lotus flower design - Grounded and strength, Muladhara, Lam

Heart Chakra - Heart Chakra - open heart, Anahata, Yam

Third Eye Chakra - Eye of horus - Vision, Illuminate, Ajna, Aum

Crown Chakra - Lotus flower - Connected, One, Sahasrara, Aum

Sound Vibrations for each chakra - lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, aum - Eye of Horus, Lotus and heart chakra.



Chakra Bracelet

  • Remove during sporting activities, shower and at bedtime

    Avoid contact with chemicals and perfumes to ensure the bracelet retains its shine

    If bracelet does get dirty or loses shine do not use abrasive cleaners. Just use mild soap with water to clean.

  • This bracelet will be packaed in an organza bag, perfect for storing when not being worn.

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