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A journey of love

Meet Bobbi

Firstly, thank you for visiting my webpage. If you are here then like me you share a passion for the natural and are on your journey to explore the beauty and magic that nature has to offer.


Moksha Senses was a mere concept and not realised until I discovered my youngest son had severe eczema at 3 months. Under the care of a dermatologist we lathered him with ointment after ointment, daily applications of steroids from head to toe. It truly was heartbreaking as I read about the long term effects with using steroids and like any parent we wanted the best for our son. And so began our journey at looking at alternative therapies, treatments, butters.


Moksha Senses was born. And I have never looked back.


My son has beautiful skin. His eczema is managed well as a result of cumulative things we explored, one of course being using natural organic butters. His skin is soft, no longer raw and red, and he loves coming up with his own concoctions of butter mixes with essential oils.

Moksha  Senses was created so that I can share my passion and experiences. I can truly say that I love natural butters and oils. Nature has given us so much. My products are Simple, Pure, Effective, Natural and Divine. For me it is​ about balancing the mind, body and spirit. So have a little browse and see what we have to offer.


With Love


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