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A range of 8 pure essential oils blends, created for your wellbeing and for that perfect haven at home. 100% plant based. Discover the power of plants.


All our bottles come in 10ml bottles. 

Choose from the following:


Spicy Blend - A warm and indulgent aroma that includes orange and cinammon essential oils. Perfect for cold days to bring a warm, welcoming and cosy feel to your home. Sweet and spicy.


Sensual Blend - Embrace the aphrodisiac properties of this blend which includes sweet orange and ylang ylang. Exotic, sweet floral and truly sensual for that night in.


Citrus Blend - A refreshing and fruity blend that brings summer and cheer into your home. Uplifting and energising. Fruity and Happy!


Refreshing Blend - Warming, refreshing and oriental notes of Lemongrass and ginger. Zesty and uplifting.


Tranquil Blend - Sweet floral notes with a hint of rose. This blend is perfect to create that summer chill out feel to your home. Perfect for relaxing, unwinding and to bring tranquility.


Luna Musk - Minty and earthy. This blend is revitalising, energising and soothing. Once the refreshing top notes of peppermint are diffused you will be left with the base notes of oils including cedarwood and cypress. Take a walk through the forest.


Sweet Dreams -  Create a Serene and ambient haven with our Serenity Range. With Citrus notes and then the sweet floral tones of ylang. Fruity and floral.


Calming - A soothing, relaxing, meditative blend that includes Lavender and Patchouli oils. Perfect for yoga or just that chilling out time. 


Use for diffusion only.



Essential Oil Blends

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